sodigestion, founded in 1998, is managed by Mr. Jean-Louis Domeniconi and Mr. Pierre Thurnherr.

Drawing on their vast experience in the banking and financial sectors, they implement tailor-made and personalized wealth management for Swiss and international private clients.

In order to optimize its computer software capabilities, sodigestion has subscribed to the services of sodi, a platform for independent wealth managers.

This high-tech administrative and technical system guarantees sodigestion:

  • a permanent and live feed to all the financial markets,
  • a privileged access to economic and financial information,
  • the use, maintenance and renewal of a powerful and secure electronic database.

sodigestion, a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, stands out as a valuable partner in the financial world. The firm serves, in particular, individuals who consider their wealth as an integral part of their history and that of their family.

The core business of sodigestion consists of asset management, financial advice, consolidations and management reports.



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