Prior to running sodigestion, Mr. Jean-Louis Domeniconi and Mr. Pierre Thurnherr each held a number of senior positions in the management and banking sectors.

Mr. Domeniconi, born in 1957, has spent his entire career in banking. He worked his way up to the position of board member of the "Private Banking" department of a large international bank and was responsible for part of the private client base.

Mr. Thurnherr was born in 1963. Having initially trained in the banking field, he then followed a course at the prestigious “Ecole Hôtelière” in Lausanne. He completed his formal training by passing the “Diplôme Fédéral d’Expert” (Federal Certificate) in banking and economics. In 1988, he was employed by a private bank as a bond trader. In 1992, he joined the "Private Banking" department of a large international bank.

The two partners are Swiss nationals of French mother tongue, and both speak fluent English, Italian and German.



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